Akshay to make Bollywood dance to his tunes

Super khan Salman Khan has taken the nation by storm by flexing his ‘Dabangg’ star power and making an average flick turned into a blockbuster and now it’s the turn of our Khiladi Kumar, the reigning Bollywood super star Akshay Kumar to make people dance to his tunes.

The Khiladi is a fabulous entertainer and there’s no doubt, even his sasu maa Dimple Kapadia and his wife Twinkle recently cemented this fact when they expressed their wish where they wanted the Govt of India to give their loving Akshay a national award for his efforts to bring smile to the audience faces and now the comedy kumar of Bollywood has developed a new passion…… Our dear Akki now wants to play music as a DJ and wants everybody to dance to his tunes.

Akshay is so arrested by his passion that his daily fitness schedule has gone for a task, everybody knows that Akshay is a fitness freak and when he is not shooting, he hits the bed at nine p.m. sharp, gets up at four a.m. in the morning for his vigorous workouts which he follows religiously. But that has gone for a task as he has taken up the daunting task of DJing for a promotional event of ‘Action Replayy’.

Akshay did not realise what he had committed himself to, and now with the event date coming close Akshay is training dedicatedly to DJ.

Interestingly, Akshay is taking help from his mother-in-law Dimple and wife Twinkle to come up with an eclectic playlist. Akshay is looking at many famous bands of the 70s, as he will be mainly playing music from that era.

“Akshay is very keen to completely entertain the crowds for the event. And he is personally selecting the songs he will be playing for the event,” says director Vipul Shah.

Some of the bands and artistes featuring in Akshay’s playlist are Boney M, Saturday Night Fever, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, The Eagles, Billy Joel and Elvis Presley.

Wow, those swinging seventies melodies which never says die for any music lover ears and Akshay Kumar in the new DJ avatar is bound to be an event to look out for.

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