Allari Naresh’s next to have graphics, huge sets

Imagine Allari Naresh in a socio-fantasy. Chanti Addala is producing one with Naresh and the film will have graphics and huge sets. “The normal practice is to discuss about the graphics after the shoot is over, but we are doing the sittings before going on the floors”, the producer said.

Directed by Satthi Babu, the film stars Suman in a key role. Kota, Brahmanandam, Sayaji Shinde, MS, Dharmavarapu, Chalapathi Rao and Master Bharath (now looking unfleshed) play their parts. The regular shoot will begin from March 17.

Koti’s music is a major highlight. The music sittings are currently on.

Cinematography is by Ravindra Babu. Editing is by Gautham Raju. Art is by Kiran Kumar.

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