Ameer impresses Bharathiraja

Why did the master Bharathiraja choose Ameer over Parthiban in his Anna Kodiyum Kodi Veeranum (AKKV) which was launched on November 1 in Theni with a lot of fanfare?

It seems Parthiban did a photo shoot for the film and Bharathiraja was not happy with it.

The character he was to play in AKKV is called Kattuvirya, a village rowdy of the 70’s.

Bharathiraja saw Ameer at the funeral of Jeeva Ilayaraja in Theni and was impressed with his hunk looks.

The director quietly conducted a photo shoot with Ameer in Kattuvirya get-up.

Bharathiraja was blown over when Ameer readily agreed to take off his beard to bring that edge and authenticity to the character.

Anyway all is well and AKKV is progressing fast in Theni.

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