Ananya says that she couldn’t act like Navya Nair in Seedan

When asked Ananya that whether she had seen the original version of Seedan, she said,” Seedan is a remake of the Malayalam film Nandanam. This film has got the State Award. I can say that everyone in Kerala would have seen this film. I have donned the role which Navya sister has done in the Malayalam film. To tell the truth I was not able to act in her style. When I was offered this role, I phoned Navya sister and enquired about this role. She told me,” You forget my role in this film. Act in your style as if it is a new story. That only will be good for you and also Tamil audience will like it.” She also gave me some tips. I have done as she has told me. Many are asking me about the chemistry between me and the hero. I am pairing with Krishna in this film. This is Krishna’s first film. He has acted wonderfully in most of the scenes. But when he was acting in romantic scenes he was feeling shy. Director use to motivate him and make him act in romantic scenes.”

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