Anjil Oral Arjunan


Cast: Jayaram, Padmapriya, Sreenivasan, Madhu Warrier and Samvritha
Director: Anil
Script: T.K. Razak
Producer: P. Narayanan

Jayaram is desperately trying to regain lost ground in Malayalam cinema. He is doing films that are supposed to recreate the old-world charm that won him a loyal family audience. But the question is: do recycling old themes guarantee success as it did the past? After seeing “Anchil Oraal Arjunan”, directed by Anil, one can only answer with an emphatic ‘no’.

The film, which lacks even an ounce of originality, is about a golden-hearted hero ever ready to sacrifice his personal happiness for the well-being of his extended family. The story is as old as our memory goes. Add penury, property dispute, villainous cousins and a comic track to complete the picture. Scripted by veteran T.A. Razak, this film seems to be bound by clichés.

The actors just go through the motions without really caring for the overall impact their performance will have on the story or where it is leading them.

On paper, the cast is impressive indeed. Apart from Jayaram, there is Sreenivasan, who has to be Krishna to our proverbial Arjuna, doling out advice about right and wrong. A sample of the sage counsel: a man should not cry under any circumstances but, in fact, provide his shoulder for a woman to cry on!

Then there is Jagathy Sreekumar whose sole purpose to provide comic relief at unintended intervals, which he does with ease in Sreenivasan’s company.

There are at least half a dozen women, with varying degrees of hysteria depending on the situation, including K.P.A.C. Lalith and Kaviyoor Ponnamma.

Heroines Padmapriya and Samvritha look good, participate in song situations and shed tears as and when required.

Villains Sidique, Madhu Warrier and company grimace, shout and fight at the slightest provocation.

“Anchil Oraal Arjunan” is strictly for hardcore Jayaram fans.img102/2563/jayaram0611061uk8.jpg

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