Director: Rajasenan
Producer: M Mani
Cast: Jayaram, Karthika, Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Kiran Raj, Janardhanan, Bheeman Raghu, Geetha Salam, Kalasala Babu, Tom Jacob, Venjaramoodu Suraaj, Saju Kodiyan, Subi, Kochupreman etc.
Music: M Jayachandran
Lyrics: Rajeev Aalumkal


One day Bharathi finds a bundle on their verandah, containing money and a note saying that it is a gift from ‘Kanthapuram Brothers’ to Kanakambaran and his family. This is repeated again. Kanakambaran is only too happy to spend the money lavishly. And then enters the ‘Kanthapuram Brothers’, Udaya Varma and Ramakrishnan, who are closely related to a Royal family from Kanthapuram. The duo wants Kanakambaran to go with them and act out in real life the role of a prince named Suryanarayanan.

Their niece Kanchanalakshmi, who is the present Rani of Kanthapuram, has been waiting for her childhood sweetheart Suryanarayanan who had gone missing years ago. And if Suryanarayanan turns up, Udaya Varma and Ramakrishnan could get a fortune out of the Rani. They promise Kanakambaran a substantial cut. Kanakambaran doesn’t find the proposal appealing, but agrees to it despite protests from his wife. He dons the role of Suryanarayanan. What follows forms the plot of Kanakasimhasanam.

Jayaram fits into the role of Kanakambaran like a glove, while Karthika gives able support as Bharathi. Lakshmi Gopalaswami as Kanchanalakshmi too is an apt choice. Others in the cast like Janardhanan as Udaya Varma, Bheeman Raghu as Ramakrishnan, Kalasala Babu as Guru Indrasena Reddy, Geetha Salam as Rishikesha Kaimal, Venjaramoodu Suraj as Bharathi’s brother Gopalan, and Kiran Raj as Narasimhan have also done justice to their respective roles.

The songs have been shot in typical Rajasenan style. Cinematographer K.P. Nambiathiri, editor Rajamuhammed, art-director Boban – all have given him ample support. To sum up, Kanakasimhasanam is a typical Rajasenan movie that is enjoyable, provided you don’t expect anything more than the usual Rajasenan stuff.

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