Arai En 305il Kadavul

Cast : Santhanam, Kanja Karuppu, Prakashraj, Jyothirmayee, Madhumitha, Ilavarasu, Kuyili, M.S.Bhasker
Banner: S Pictures
Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction Simbudevan
Stunts:Great Selva,Art Selvakumar

After the mythological comedy Imsai Arasan 23m Pulikesi with Vadivelu, director Simbudevan has made a striking comeback through Arai En 305 il kadavul, totally dissimilar in terms of plot and characterisations from Imsai Arasan… Contrary to Imsai Arasan… that dealt with a fabled storyline, Arai En… has tried to project a contemporary situation with a fictitious twist.

Mokkai (Kanja Karuppu) and Rasu (Santhanam) are room mates residing in room No. 305 in a bachelor’s mansion located in Triplicane. Rasu is a B.B.A. graduate; Mokkai is a high school dropout. Jobless and penniless, both youngsters crave for money and societal recognition. They are pushed to the brink when the mansion manager (M.S. Bhasker) expels them. Other residents who are friends of Mokkai and Rasu arrange for one more night’s stay there for them. Snubbed in public, Mokkai and Rasu become terribly upset. They vent out their anger and insult, scold and curse the Almighty. To their pleasant surprise, the Almighty (Prakashraj) appears before them and lends an ear to their problems. Armed with a powerful device, he promises to stay with them for a week. During that time, he tries to help them out, offering solutions and assistance. But never once does He go overboard to exercise his supernatural powers for their benefit.

Soon, the week ends and Kadavul prepares to leave them. Rasu and Mokkai plead with him to stay back for one last night. Kadavul agrees, and the smart pair run away with the powerful device. But does the equipment bring them happiness and wealth? With the suddenly acquired power of the device, does Rasu succeed in his marriage proposal for Mahi (Madhumitha)? Does it erase Mahi’s tainted past and reformat her fate? Does Mokkai unite with his sweetheart Bhuvana (Jyothirmayee)? Does money bring recognition, affection and relationships for Rasu and Mokkai? Arai En… offers valuable advice here! Watch the movie to know!

Both Santhanam and Kanja Karuppu have offered noteworthy performances. From comedy roles, both have moved to the main league and have fitted the bill. With élan, Prakashraj shines in any role, big or small. Unquestionably, he is the highlight of Arai En… A picture of poise and power, Prakashraj has breathed life to the Kadavul role. His performance gratifies even those who do not have belief in God’s ubiquitous existence and support for his devotees. Ilavarasu, Rajesh, Madanbob, Thalaivasal Vijay and V.S. Raghavan as mansion members provide substantial value to the story. Kuyili’s role as the mess owner and Jyothirmayee’s mother is heart-warming. Both Jyothirmayee and Madhumitha have done neat jobs.

Soundararajan’s camera and Sasikumar’s art are two more notable features in the movie. Vidyasagar’s simple and lively tunes are soothing. The composer has also sung a song in the movie.

Simbudevan’s dialogues are a big plus for Arai En. The dialogues are punchy in addition to being preachy in certain places. Also, Kadavul’s characterization is certainly convincing. This Kadavul does not engage himself in performing magic and impractical stunts. Instead, he applies his wit and wisdom to help the youngsters to solve their problems. Apparently, that is why Kadavul’s character does not face an abrupt ending. He lingers on for a longer time in the world, mixing and mingling with ordinary people, learning more about their problems, by interacting with them.

After Imsai Arasan…, Shankar’s S Pictures has created yet another successful production. There are enjoyable and thoughtful moments in Simbudevan’s Arai En 305il Kadavul. Certainly, audiences of all age groups will love this intriguing fare!

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