Aridhu Aridhu movie review

Movie:Aridhu Aridhu
Banner: J K Creations
Cast: Harish, Uttara
Direction: KR Mathivanan
Production: J. Jayakrishna
Music: S. Thaman

K R Mathivanan, a former associate of director Shankar, seems to have gone his mentor’s way in touching a theme that speaks on a sensitive issue. Also, he has gone the Selvaraghavan way touching the human psyche and emotions in that.

A lofty theme with apt star cast, but the point to ponder is the way in which he has narrated it. The movie has poor screenplay and it proceeds in a dull pace. Eventually an average fare, it fails to sustain any interest.

Harish Kalyan, who played the lead role in ‘Sindhu Samaveli’, plays the protagonist. He has no dialogues and comes as a dull brain dead youth. Debutant Uttara plays the female lead. The movie has a host of new faces.

A brain surgeon, who has a phobia for sound, kills those who make noise. Eventually he ends up killing his own wife. His son (Harish Kalyan), who was a witness to murder, is made brain dead by him with a surgery.

Following pressure from Human Rights Association, he prefers to go Australia, where he loses his son in the crowd. The youngster falls in the hands of a pretty young NRI girl (Uttara). She takes care of him hoping one day would find his parents.

As it happens, a terrorist group prepares youngsters as human bomb. One such individual decides to give up his life. But he hatches a plan to find someone who doesn’t dare to die and do the job for him. He spots Harish Kalyan, who is brain dead and what happens to him forms the climax.

Harish Kalyan is okay, while Uttara is adequate. She sustains some interest in the movie with her performance. Thaman’s music is the highlight. There are some peppy numbers shot in Australia and New Zealand in a grand manner.

Had the director made the movie more cogent and concentrated more on the script, ‘Aridhu Aridhu’ would have been a decent fare.

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