Arjun’s ‘Vallakottai’ filming at RFC

Action King Arjun’s latest film ‘Vallakottai’ which is taking shapes in the hands of A Venkatesh is undergoing its shooting at fast track. Currently, a fight scene is being canned on a railway station set at the Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad.

Director Venkatesh says “We have almost completed the talkie portion. A high voltage action sequence is at present being shot on Arjun and Asish Vidyarthi at the railway station set. After completing it, we have only one song to can.”

On speaking about the film, director says “Vallakottai will show a new dimension of Arjun. It is a movie which has all the elements to woo movie goers from all sections.”

He further adds “Arjun, who comes out from jail, reaches ‘Vallakottai’ with an agenda. Who is he and what are his plans will be revealed in an interesting way. There will be plenty of twists and turns.”

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