Ash disappointed about nude news

Ashwairya Rai who has acheieved name, fame, wealth and success is quite disappointed about the gossip mongers who create cooked stories on her personal life and about the characters that she has opted to play.

Aishwarya has accepted a project called ‘Heroine’ which is based on the grey area of the fashion world beauties. Then onwards there has been news about the Hindi Movie ‘Heroine’ hitting the headlines that there would be some steamy scenes in the movie and that Aishwarya will go nude in this movie.

Tabloids also released that Aishwarya has opted for this role as she has become quite old and it is a common trend in the industry that the aged actresses opt for glamour roles to create more hype.

Aishwarya was quite disappointed about the news that released in the channels and slammed down all the reports. She said that she is from a well reputed family and will not spoil the value of her in-laws. She also further said that If that is the situation I am ready to quit films. I am really shocked to hear such stories and I beg them to stop dishonourinig me and my family.

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