Asin buys a six-bedroom flat

Asin has given herself as a big gift. Yes, we mean it. The actress has recently bought a ‘fully loaded’ six bedroom posh apartment in an up-market area in Kochi.

The new property is on the Marine Drive and it overlooks the rainbow bridge. The south Indian actress, who has made it big in Bollywood, already has a home in Kochi and this is her second property in the popular city of Kerala.

“The view from the apartment is amazing and Asin is so thrilled about. Though she is currently staying in Mumbai with her parents thanks to her Bollywood commitments, she has been visiting Kochi often to stay in her new home,” sources say.

Last week, Asin celebrated her birthday and it was a family affair with her mother and father. “The new house was bought to mark her birthday. The actress took time off from her busy schedule to decide its interior and other things,” sources add.

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