Asin is a ‘guest of Rajapakse’

Asin has gone ahead with her schedule to shoot for her film in Sri Lanka in spite of warnings from SIFCC. She and Salman Khan are already in the FEFSI forbidden land for their Hindi film ‘Ready’ from Wednesday onwards. Salman Khan and Asin are reportedly provided ‘Z’ category security by the government.

The security of the stars are said to be monitored directly by the President’s office as they had gone to the island as the ‘guests of Rajapakse’. There was huge opposition from the South Indian Film Industry for the Bollywood stars doing business in Sri Lanka as that would hide the genocide of Tamils from the eyes of the neutral world.

All the stars who matter in Bollywood responded to the IIFA boycott call but still some like Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan threw the request of the south Indian film industry to the bin and attended the IIFA Awards.

After returning from IIFA, Salman Khan changed the location of his film to Sri Lanka cancelling the already decided Mauritius. Salman and Asin will be shooting for a month at various locations in Sri Lanka including Colombo and Kandy.

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