At 50, Kamal Haasan still loves to romance!

Kamal Haasan has crossed the prime years of his life but he is definitely not prepared to lie low, nor are the producers prepared to let him go, considering that Kamal Haasan is still cast in lead roles in many films down south. Ask the actor whether he still enjoys romancing a young girl when he is above 50 years of age, and prompt comes the positive reply that he still loves to love and is still capable of loving. However, the actor also makes it clear that the roles offered to him do not portray him as the out-of-college guy that he previously played in a number of films in his career.

Hailed as one of the most versatile actors not only in the south but also in Bollywood, Kamal Haasan feels that one should not differentiate between the different film industries that function in our country. Rather, Kamal Haasan is of the opinion that India has a single entertainment industry and it is only the languages that are different. The veteran actor also feels that such discriminations may sometimes fail to bring out the best performance in an actor. Fortunately for Kamal Haasan, he has received as much love as he has given to all the industries he has been a part of.

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