‘Avan Ivan’ completed

Bala is a director who will be in the news with whatever he does. The latest being that he has completed the shooting of ‘Avan Ivan’.

Purist Bala is known for his long schedules and time taken for perfection. ‘Avan Ivan’ was launched on January 25 last year and when it started Bala actually surprised everyone by saying that he will complete the film in record 90 days.

But Bala being Bala took his time and has finally wrapped up the shooting yesterday. Even by his scale it the fastest ever film of his.

The completion of ‘Avan Ivan’ is a relief not only to Bala. The major liberation is for Vishal who had been biting his nails for wanting to start his new film to be directed by Prabhu Deva. This new film was scheduled to start by December but delayed as Vishal was still with Bala in Theni.

‘Avan Ivan’ stars Arya and Vishal in daringly different roles sculpted by Bala. Janani Aiyar is the heroine. It is expected both the lead actors will get the break of their career with this film. ‘Avan Ivan’ is slated for release in April.

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