Avan Ivan movie review

Movie : Avan Ivan
Director : Bala
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cast : Arya, Vishal Krishna, Janani Iyer, Madhu Shalini

Avan Ivan is Bala`s first commercial cocktail.

It looks like the film has been made with no proper script, and depends more on the two male leads lighting up the screen with their buffoonery in the first half and action laced with heroism in the second half.

The idea looks like Bala got the dates of Kollywood`s two of the fastest rising stars Arya and Vishal and a producer. He set the story in his favourite village near Theni bordering Kerala.

In the first half the lead characters are at each other`s throat in a light hearted manner with their benefactor making peace most of the time.

In the second half they join hands as a villain who suddenly pops into the story.

Kumbidaren Saamy (Arya) is a petty con man and his half-brother Walter Vanangamudi (Vishal) is a small time actor doing roadside dramas.

Both are always at each other`s throat. Their father and respective mother`s (Ambica & Jayaprabha) are also daggers drawn though they live in the same house!

Their benefactor in the village is Highness (GM Kumar), an old time king who lost his wealth and title but is respected by the locals.

The boys will do anything for their Highness, as they develop a soft corner for two girls; a police constable Baby (Janani Iyer) and a college girl Thenmozhi (Madhu Shalini), which leads to hilarious situations.

Soon a cattle smuggler (RK) enters and swears revenge on Highness which leads to a long drawn out bloody climax.

There is no story or script. The lead actors along with a fantastic supporting cast of Ambika and GM Kumar, make the film work with their outstanding performances.
The whole film seems to be made to give Vishal a big boost as an actor of substance. His squint eye, dialogue delivery, comic acts and the heroism in the climax is what makes the film work with the audiences. Arya is a perfect foil and plays second fiddle to make their on screen chemistry crackle.

GM Kumar is riveting, especially in the climax scenes. Ambika and Jayaprabha make your day. Janani Iyer and Madhu Shalini have hardly anything to do.

Yuvan`s music is nothing much to write about. Arthur Wilson`s camera is fantastic, especially the chase in the forest. Suresh Urs`s editing is crisp as the film (2 hours and 9 minutes) moves at a rapid pace.

Bala has made the film without a proper script. It looks like the award winning director wanted to make a film with two saleable stars aimed only at the box-office. If the film works at all, it works in bits and sequences featuring the mad hatters Vishal and Arya, who play to the gallery.

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