Rathinirvedam Movie Review

Banner: Revathy Kalamandhir
Cast: Shweta Menon, Sreejith
Direction: T K Rajeev Kumar
Production: Sureshkumar
Music: M. Jayachandran

Rathinirvedam the yesteryear classic, penned by the Legend P Padmarajan and brought to life on celluloid by ace director Bharathan is returned on the big screen . The coming-of-age movie which show cased a sensual portrayal of the titular character by Jayabharathi, in the new version is brought to life by Shwetha Menon. The role of Krishnachandran as a teenager (Pappu) caught in the flux of sexual adolescence, is being essayed by Sreejith Vijay who debuts through Fazil’s ‘Living Together’ ( Sreejith started his career as Model and Model Coordinater with Lukmance Model Management Agency Cochin ) The storyline of the classic which miffed many for its sensual portrayal of the lead as well as garnered appreciation for its narrative is bound to be the same in the new version. The classic of 1978 redefined the art of movie making and became a torch bearer for many movies in the 1980�s. Revathy Kalaamandhir, who started the trend of remakes with the highly applauded and successful remake of Neelathaamara, produce this movie. New version of Rethinirvedham directed by veteran TK Rajeev Kumar.

The film plots revolves around a teenager who falls in love with a woman older than he is. A teenage mind caught in the flux of sexual adolescence is captured beautifully through a film. The story takes place in a small village surrounded by hills and valleys. Pappu, a teenager falls in love with an older girl from the neighborhood named Rathi. She becomes an object of fantasy for him. His passion for the woman drives him crazy as he fails to win her friendship initially. The girl resists his advances in the beginning but gradually gives in and consummates the relationship on a wet stormy night. From that day their lives change dramatically as the event becomes her undoing in the end.

The new hero,Sreejith Vijay enacts the challenging role ‘Pappu’ with amazing ease, putting his best foot forward and emerging trumps. Shwetha Menon enacts the role of ‘Rathi’ with complete precision. She takes giant strides with this role, relying completely on her expressions to do her job, which didnt lose the role value created by Jayabharathi in old version. Shwetha Menon who is gradually carving a niche for herself with daring performances in markedly different films,through Rethinirvedham she proves it again . Her expressions and body language convey more than her dialogues. KPAC Lalitha and Shammi Thilakan is quite effective.Other casts like Maniyan Pillai Raji, Undapakru, Maya,Shobha Mohan are adequate.

T K Rajeev Kumar has brilliantly adapted this age old story to the new screen, efficiently trimming off the frayed ends, and working up a brilliant visualization that makes him the master director that he is. One of the most powerful attraction of Rethinirvedham is the music, by M.Jayachandran supported by the Lyrics of Murukan Kaattakada . Combined with cinematographer Manoj Pillai’s sweeping camera work and elegant takings makes film more beautiful.

On the whole, Rethinirvedham is a winner all the way, in terms of direction, scripting, music, performances. Rethinirvedham new version is a Real Tribute to its original craftsmen.

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