This is a typical family drama that we have seen umpteen times laced with same old sentiment scenes, masala songs, unnecessary action sequences and silly family melodrama.

Director Uday Shankar’s only claim to fame is his debut movie – Kalisundam Ra. Since then, he has been rehashing similar themes that fails to impress. Baladoor is no exception as he presents a clichéd storyline with even more morbid narration.

Chanti (Ravi Teja) is a good-for-nothing guy with a heart of gold. His father (Chandramohan) and his father’s brother (Krishna) live together in a joint family. Like in typical family dramas, Chanti is misunderstood for his attitude but actually he helps his sister-in-law who lands in a problem. He also saves his family from the rival business gang (headed by Pradeep Rawat) who hatches plans to kill the family head. How Chanti upholds the family’s prestige despite he is expelled from his home is the rest of the predictable drama.

Anushka’s glamour is the only saving grace as she titillates the audiences with suggestive dialogues and offers plenty of skin show in songs. But on the whole, it is a major disappointment from Ravi Teja who normally gives a lot of importance to a solid script. Lack of entertainment unlike his earlier films is missing. He throws some witty one-liners though they fall flat.

His chemistry with Anushka is good. Superstar Krishna looks good in his get up but there is not much to do for him. Brahmanandam’s comedy is so hackneyed. Radhakrishna’s music is passable.

Producer:Uday Shankar
Music:K M Radhakrishnan
Cast:Ravi Teja, Anushka, Krishna, Chandra Mohan, Pradeep Rawat

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