Bejawada public talk

Naga Chaitanya starrer Bejawada in the direction of Vivek Krishna has finally hit the big-screens today.

Bejawada is all about two gangs in Vijayawada and deals with the rowdyism dominance and control on the city and finally which gang has dominated other is the crux. Bejawada is a revenge drama in the second half and there are lots of intense violence scenes and bloodshed in the movie, However, the story has no connection with earlier happenings in Vijaywada city.

Naga Chaitanya is said to have much to essay in the second half and comparatively to his earlier films he improved in mass dialogue delivery. Amala Paul is okay. BGM and cinematography are strengths of the film. As of now, Bejawada is carrying an average report at the Box-Office. We’ll update you with the Bejawada movie review on in few more minutes. Stay glued

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