Movie making had always been a meticulous creative affair that always demanded a lot of hard work, good careful planning and execution from a multitude of departments, associated with each production. But here in Mollywood, a group of so called technicians is trying to make a mocking point that, film making is not always a work of intelligence, but can waver down to anywhere to a child’s play. What we are talking is about the new Mohanlal movie that managed to reach the theaters this week-Bhagavan.

‘Bhagavan’ hardly qualifies as a movie in itself, with a dull premise and careless execution. In a frustrating course of events that make us jump out of the halls, right from Mohanlal to almost all associated are taken for a ride to create an insignificant affair that is sure to traumatize everyone for quite some time. In this shameful attempt to go after records, the movie also will create an unsound fury and hatred to Mollywood movies, at least to some of the viewers who had the horror in the halls.

The movie has Super star Mohanlal as Dr. Balagopal, who is working in Allied hospital in the city. In one special day in his life, the state Home Minister arrives at the hospital to be with his wife, for delivery of their first child. But a terrorist group, who were closely following the schedules of the Home minister, lay siege on the hospital and take the minister as a hostage. The group of terrorists threatens to blast the entire construction and lives inside unless the government take steps to free one of their chiefs, who is presently behind bars. The chief gyneac Dr Balagopal is now destined to take some steps that will ensure safety of the minister and free the hospital and its inmates.

The film is a hard-word critics delight with everything from the sequences to the dialogues and even every word on screen, spelled wrong. The director, in his endeavor to make one of the most unbearable films ever made, makes every chance to extend his film’s running time by creating unending newscasts which even don’t follow any regular grammar in presentations, a six minutes title song, a lengthy after cuts session and even a countdown timer on laptop that is focused for anywhere to at least three minutes.

Apart from the attempt for being the film made in the least time span, ‘Bhagavan’ easily qualifies for the award for a filmmaker’s aspiration to make something most insipid and listless and also for the temerity in the part of its makers, in pushing it for a public release.

Cast:    Mohanalal, Lekshmy Gopalaswamy, Lakshana,
Sreenath, Ibrahimkutty, Shivaji Guruvayoor,
Lakshana, Lena, Sreelatha, Sreejith Ravi
Direction:    Prashanth Maambulli
Production:    Vijeesh Mani

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