Kancheepurathe Kalyaanam

When story ideas dry up, filmmakers in Malayalam find refuge in some strange territories in Tamil Nadu!

The purpose is to narrate a rather unbelievable storyline that happens in a land virtually ruled by a rich landlord with a predictable Malayali origin, his gorgeous daughter or niece who is waiting to fall in love with the hero, a good number of dumb baddies who for sure will be Tamilians and so on. Director duo Fazil and Jayakrishna does the same in Kancheepurathe Kalyanam.

But with a hackneyed storyline, weak situations and puerile jokes, the film generally fails to serve the purpose, which obviously is to entertain the viewer. It has nothing much to offer as an original plot and has been influenced by yesteryear hits like Tenkasipattanam, Thommanum Makkalum Hitler etc.

Achuthankutty (Suresh Gopi) and Najeeb (Mukesh) are running two event management firms. They are not in good terms any more after Achuthankutty’s sister eloped with Najeeb. Both the parties reach Kacheepuram to organize the marriage of Meenakshi (Muktha) with her uncle Varadaraja Mudaliar’s (Jagathy Sreekumar) son, Saravanan. Of course, things are bound to change with the hero coming there.

With dialogues that will make you cringe rather than laugh and sequences that are cooked up without any justification or logic, the film does not even qualify enough to be a mindless comedy. In all fairness, there is an attempt on the part of its makers to make an entertainer, but they didn’t have an interesting storyline at their disposal. J Pallassery’s screenplay and dialogues never help to improve things either.

The hero, Suresh Gopi, seems evidently insecure with the whole environment, perhaps without his trademark gun. Mukesh has nothing much to do other than play his usual tricks. It’s tough to imagine Muktha, perhaps old enough to be his daughter, romancing the hero. But to the horror of the viewer, it happens to be so in the film! The camera by Sanjeev Sankar does an impressive job and M Jayachandran’s music perhaps suits the mood at best.

In the end, the film turns out to be a mishmash of what you have been seeing in the various films of the genre for some years now. The better option here could be to enjoy some of those originals in DVD in the cool comfort of your drawing rooms!

Banner: Jyothirgamaya
Cast: Mukesh, Suresh Gopi, Muktha,
Harishree Ashokan, Innocent, Surabhy, Indrans, Jagadheesh
Direction: Fazil, Jayakrishna
Production: Soman Pallat
Music: M. Jayachandran

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