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Cast: Vishal, Prabhu, Bhanu, Nadiya, Vijay kumar, Nasar, Manorama
Direction: Hari
Production: Vikram Krishna
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja


Vishal became a star in Telugu overnight with the success of his dubbed films ‘Pandemkodi and Pogaru’. His latest flick ‘Bharani’, the dubbed version of his Tamil hit film ‘Tamara Bharani’, directed by Hari bagged a hit talk with a good mass appeal.

Moreover, the film has a mixed flavour with several elements like love, faction, revenge and sentiment. The director showed good grip all through the film as it was powered with a powerful screenplay and Vishal was portrayed in a way to highlight his mass image. The hero too showed matured performance.

Bharani Prasad @ Bharani (Vishal) and his mother (Rohini) stay with Bharani’s maternal uncle Srinivasa Bhupati @ Salt Sreenu (Prabhu) and grand mother (Manorama). Bharani is fond of his uncle and does not spare anyone who speaksimg476/4297/bharanire02041cux1.jpg against him. PVR company is an archrival for Salt Sreenu. Sakuntala (Nadiya), daughter of Appalanaidu, and her brother Veerinaidu (Nazar) always try to win over Salt Sreenu. Bharani happens to meet Bhanu (Bhanu) and the latter falls in love with Bharani, though the latter ignore her. Bharani comes to know that Bhanu Sakuntala’s daughter. Once Bhanu goes to meet Bharani at a lonely place in an island and the coastguard catches both of them and charge them with prostitution. In revenge, Veerinaidu attacks Salt Sreenu and this irks Bharani.

Later, Bharani learns that Sakuntala is none other than his aunt and estranged wife of Salt Sreenu and also comes to know that they were separated because Bharani and his mother. So, Bharani decides to unite his aunt with uncle. In the climax, Veerinaidu tries to marry his sister Sakuntala with his close follower Kamesam as Salt Sreenu signs the divorce papers to humiliate the latter. Sakuntala doesn’t know this. On receipt of information, Bharani goes to the temple and rescues Sakuntala who realised the mistake.img509/4771/bharaniqo7.jpg

However, Kamesam gets killed and Bharani admits the crime and goes to jail for four years. Appalanaidu and Veerinaidu want to kill Sreenu and Bharani after his return from jail, but realise the greatness of Bharani. The film ends on a happy note with the union of Bharani and Bhanu.
Vishal, Prabhu, Nadiya, Nazar gave excellent performance in the film. All of them emoted well in all scenes. Especially, Vishal and Prabhu excelled in emotional scenes and action sequences. Bhanu is glamorous and chubby, but welcomed by the audiences who generally like slim heroines.

Prabhu and Nadiya walked away with honours in their respective roles, besides Nazar and Vijayakumar who did justice to their roles. Dialogues by Shashank Vennelakanti are apt. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is quite foot-tapping and Vishal showed good ease in action scenes and dances.

Cast: Vishal, Bhanu, Prabhu, Nadiya, Vijaykumar, Nazar, Nizhalgal Ravi, Manorama, Rohini and others

Credits: Cinematography ‘ Priyan, Dialogues – Shashank Vennelakanti, Lyrics – Vennelakanti, Sahiti and Vanamali, Music – Yuvan Shankar Raja, Producer – Vikram Krishna, Story, screenplay and direction – Hari

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