Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam Movie Review

Movie : Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam
Director : Jose Chalissery
Music : Mohan Sithara
Cast :Sreenivasan, Nivin Pauly, Rajasri, Iniya

If you are picking the worst films to have ever happened in Malayalam, here is strong contender to the list, ridiculously titled Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam. All that this absurd and nauseating drama, directed by Joe Chalissery, can give you after spending more than two hours watching it could be some horrifying time and a headache!

The story is happening in a remote village called Vattanaathra, where an idealistic schoolteacher named Madhavankutty (Sreenivasan) is staying in a modest room. His wife Vimala (Rajasri) and the couple�s two kids are living in a nearby village.

The other main characters in the place include Murali (Nivin Pauly), an educated but unemployed youth, Bhama (Iniya), his lover who works as a maid, Panchayat president Ezhuthachan (Nedumudi Venu), leftist leader Sugunan (Suraj Venjarammoodu) and the sub inspector Idiculla (Innocent).

The whole story is all about the Panchayat president and the sub inspector forcing Madhavankutty to be a witness to a theft and later a rape, both of which he had never seen. Imagine the cops are never really searching for the culprits in both the crimes!

The only real surprise here is about what made the actors and the technicians involved in this buffoonery to go ahead with this project. The director, who has also been credited with the film�s screenplay, should be made to explain on this. The visuals by Sameer Haq are pretty ordinary and the music by Mohan Sithara is fine at best.

Why did veteran actors like Sreenivasan and Nedumudi Venu agree to be part of this film? Nivin Pauly, who has just done a remarkable role in Thattathin Marayathu is evidently uncomfortable in a role where he has nothing much to do. An actor of Innocent�s stature should not be saying all those dialogues, which are full of double meanings and expletives. The less said about the rest of the cast, which includes the female leads Rajsri and Iniya, the better.

Bhoopadathil Illatha Oridam is nothing but a shameful disaster. Sitting inside the theatre, you feel angry with everyone involved in the making of this one. Carry ear plugs with you, or a Saridon, or both. A migraine is guaranteed.

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