Big B


Malayalam Cinema Big B

Cast : Mammootty, Manoj K Jayan, Bala, Sumit Naval, Mamta, Nafeesa Ali, Pasupathy, Vijayraghavan, Ramesh & others
Director : Amal Neerad
cameraman : Sameer Tahir
Producer : Shahul Hameed, Anto Joseph
Music : Alphonse
Editor : Vivek Harshan

Imitating a Hollywood film isn’t easy at all. Neither is drawing inspiration from such films. Therefore Amal Neerad deserves a big round of applause for making such a racy entertainer that seems to resemble the Hollywood film ‘Four Brothers’. The English film was about four foster brothers who hunt down the persons who had killed their foster-mother. Amal Neerad had worked as Ramgopal Varma’s associate in a few films. He also had handled the cinematography of the Mammooty starrer ‘Black’ a few years ago. With ‘Big B’, he makes a very successful directorial debut.

The film is an attempt to please the diehard fans of Mammooty’s larger-than-life image and Amal has done a fabulous job at it. There are funky song sequences, designer cars and some mind-blowing action sequences.

Bilal, Eddie, Murugan and Bijoy (played by Mammooty, Manoj K Jayan, Bala and Sumit Naval) are orphans who are raised by their foster mother and social activist, Mary teacher (played by Nafisa Ali). They were children at the orphanage that she runs. She is so touched by their affection for her that she adopts them. The four children grow up and find their jobs.

Bilal works as the bodyguard for some very rich people in Mumbai. Eddie has a successful business as a hotelier. Murugan becomes a stuntman in films and Bijoy is in his college.

The film’s story begins with her brutal murder.

The foster sons rush back when they her about the murder. The police begin its investigation. The investigation team is led by DCP Balaji (played by Tamil actor Pasupathi) and his associate George. Balaji is an honest police officer, but George isn’t. Due to the corrupt subordinate, the investigations remain inconclusive.

Tired of the inaction, the brothers decide to do something about it and launch their own investigations. They realize that the murder wasn’t a random act of violence. They begin to suspect that the city Mayor and a notorious underworld don are involved in this.


They meticulously plan and execute their revenge.

Just about everything in the film looks sleek and perfect. The action sequences are of the kind that you wouldn’t have seen before in Malayalam.

Mammooty is remarkable in his role as the silent but very effective bodyguard and as Bilal who is on a mission to track down his mother’s killers. There aren’t that many distractions in terms of unnecessary song sequences. Well, there are some songs, but they are so well shot that you wouldn’t mind.

Mamta Mohandas looks lovely as Bala’s romantic interest. She has her song sequence and that’s about it.

Mammooty’s larger-than-life heroism is matched very well by the villain Sherveer Vakil. The rest of them have done their work very well.

The Good


Story, Screenplay, direction

Mammooty’s performance

The action sequences by Anal Arasu

The Bad


The Ugly

Nothing at all…

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