Cast : Dileep, Meera Jasmine, Mukesh, Seetha and others
Director : Sathyan Anthikkad
cameraman : –
Producer : M.M.Hamsa
Music : Ilayaraaja


Director Sathyan Anthikkad has a penchant for exploring filial bonding in his films with a wry sense of humour. He does it again in his latest offering “Vinodayathra” which has Dileep in the lead role.

The film tells the story of a young man, who refuses to take responsibility for his actions and his eventual transformation.

Vinod (Dileep) is a postgraduate in computer application but he does not stick on to any job because he ends up fighting with the employers. He fails even in farming as he keeps fighting with others in the area.

When nothing works, he is sent to his brother-in-law Shaji (Mukesh), a hardworking and honest man, who takes life very seriously. The expected everyday conflicts occur when two opposite personality types – Vindo and Shaji – start living under the same roof.

Shaji does not like Vinod’s frivolous attitude and he is also concerned about his college-going sister Reshmi (Parvathi of ‘Notebook’ fame). He doesn’t want any kind of fondness to grow between his sister and Vinod.

Shaji finds a job for Vinod with a retired police officer, John Mathew (Nedumudi Venu), as a personal assistant to help the ex-cop write a book about his eventful life. Shaji convinces Vinod that he can learn many things from the great man, but John treats him like a servant.

The story takes a serious turn in the second half when Vinod meets Anupama (Meera Jasmine) – an engineering student who drops out to take care of her family after her father (a police constable played by Murali) is injured in a communal riot. She manages to impress Vinod.

The film is not without its clichés. The character of Anupama is an obvious case in point but Meera manages to rise above the written character and makes us empathise with her.

Dileep fits his role like the hand in a glove. He makes a success of his first film as a hero with director Anthikkad.

Mukesh, too, deserves applause. His performance in the first half forms the film’s spine. Of the supporting cast, Paravathy does well in her minuscule role. Child artist Ganapathy provides us with some hilarious moments. Nedumudi Venu, however, hams all the way.

Ilayaraja’s music has become trademark of Anthikkad films. Here also we are offered the standard fare expected from the maestro.

Despite its flaws, ‘Vinodayathra’ provides us a fun ride.

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