bodygardPretty well begun and going nowhere from then on! That is precisely what one feels while coming out of the theatres after watching director Siddique’s Bodyguard.

The film is set on a humorous backdrop and there are some funny situations which are intended to tickle the funny bone but what is lacking is a credible storyline. Still, the film has its own fine moments and has been made into an engaging watch.

Jayakrishnan (Dileep) has been fascinated by goondas right from his younger days and was working for some ‘quotation’ gangs as well. Sometime later, he decides to become the bodyguard of a wealthy and powerful man named Ashokan (Thyagarajan). He saves Ashokan’s life at a crucial juncture and gets a new assignment – to escort the rich man’s daughter, Ammu (Nayanatara), to college as her bodyguard.

Jayakrishnan is some kind of a joke at the campus, with his peculiar mannerisms, safari-suit and dark glasses. Ammu and her friend Sethu (Mithra Kurian) finds his presence, often irritating. To poke fun at him, Ammu starts making prank calls to him pretending as a girl infatuated by the hero. After a while, things get serious.

No two ways about it, in his trademark style, Dileep unleashes one of his best performances in recent times. His comic timing is spot on and he tries his best to give some style to the character. Nayantara, back in Malayalam after a while, is the brightest spot in the film. She not only looks beautiful and fresh but has delivered an inspired performance.

Still, besides individual performances, their chemistry has failed to work on screen. Dileep and Nayantara looks pretty odd as a pair, which perhaps turns out to be film’s greatest hitch.

Siddique, who is back in Malayalam after a break, has put in some sincere efforts into the making of the film. There are twists that surprises the viewer at times, songs which have been cleverly used to narrate certain dramatic turnarounds and some hilarious situations as well.

But the whole film suffers as it has been based on a weak storyline. The amazing comedy situations that are synonymous with the director’s films are generally not to be seen here and what we see is a rehash of several funny numbers which we have come across on various occasions.

Yes, there are some nice aspects about the climax situations, though it reminds you of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and even Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. But the scenes have been done in a hurry and as such, do not make much of an impact.

The rest of the cast including Thyagarajan, Mithra Kurian, Janardhanan and Harisree Ashokan among others are adequate. S.Kumar’s camera and Ouseppachan’s music suits the general mood.

Go with not much expectation and chances are that you will find the film a joy ride. It may not certainly be in the league of some of Siddique’s earlier films; still it is worth a watch.

Cast: Dileep, Nayantara, Mithra
Direction: Siddique
Music: Ouseppachan

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