My Big Father

big-fatherS P Mahesh who rechristened himself as Mahesh P Sreenivasan for his second movie ‘My Big Father’ has managed to create one film that may called as just an OK endeavor. Much better than his debut film ‘Changathy Poocha’, this Jayaram movie is typically built around every hit prototypes of the star.

‘My Big Father’ is all about the differing bonding between a father and a son, of which the father is a dwarf. Kunjumon (Guinness Pakru), this dwarfish father of a motherless child Alby, rears him with much love and care. Kunjumon being a catering specialist in the shop owned by Thomaskutty (Innocent), his son Alby also develops as an expert catering service manager. As a grownup guy, Alby makes an important decision that he will marry only that girl who won’t laugh at or giggle at the size of his father. Alby’s marriage gets delayed due to this demand, until one day he comes across Ancy (Kanika). He falls in love with her in the first sight itself. And after some confusion, Ancy fulfills his demands and they get married. But some fierce truth about Kunjumon’s past pops up at this phase, which makes things change as none of the three have ever expected.

Mahesh Sreenivasan, as a director, has managed to better himself than his previous movie, though his experience as a leading associate with other frontline directors doesn’t show off in much of the scenes. Even with a promising backdrop, the film fails to translate the hilarious potential of the plot into screen. Mostly running around meaningless plot points, ill conceived scenes and attempts on eliciting laughter, the movie just manage to become tolerable time pass stuff, for those who comes up with the least expectations. With tons of dialogues squeezed into each scenario, the movie gives a feel of one which is conceived just to travel through dialogues than any real activity. The scriptwriters Suresh Menon and Satheesh K Sivan also fail to draw out any good humor from the talented support artists who are known to pack the movies with chuckles.

Coming to performances, the movie definitely belongs to Guinness Pakru, who has played his part quite exceptionally well. Jayaram is his usual self and makes a cake walk through the role of Alby with his most regular expressions. Kaniha plays up to the demands of the role. Jagathy Sreekumar and Suraaj are wasted in inconsequential roles.

The technical sides of the movie fits to the average quality of the movie, at times gives a feel of a television soap. A couple of songs by Alex Paul just manage to support the proceedings, but the background scores are much better.

All in all, ‘My Big father’ is better suited for children audience. And if you don’t have much to do of any importance, just have a look for some meaningless time pass, here.

Cast Mohanlal, Lalu Alex, Thilakan, Lakshmi Rai, Priyanka
Direction Roshan Andrews
Producer Antony Perumbavoor
Banner Ashirwad Cinemas
Camera Divakar
Music Mohan Sithara
Script James Albert

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