Bomb hoax triggers panic on Shahrukh’s birthday

As King Khan was getting ready to celebrate his 45th birthday in Berlin, the Mumbai Police went on a frenzy on Tuesday. Apparently an anonymous source informed the Mumbai Police that the famous don, Chhota Shakeel, had planned a hit on one of the guests at King Khan’s home. As soon as the report came in , SRK’s palatial bungalow (Mannat) was turned into a fortress of sorts.

The Mumbai Police promptly cordoned off the entire area and searched every vehicle that passed by. According to the caller ‘Gutka Baron Joshi’ was going to be assassinated at Mannat. Fearing for the security of the rest of the guests, the police started examining every bouquet and gifts that came in for SRK’s birthday.

The caller had mentioned that sharpshooters from the Chhota Shakeel gang were on their way to kill Joshi, so the police immediately went on a red alert. The police later found out that the person in question was Mr. Sachin Joshi the son of ‘Goa Gutka’ manufacturer J M Joshi. J M Joshi is already facing a CBI probe for helping Dawood Ibrahim set up a Gutka manufacturing plant in Pakistan. Sachin was scheduled to come to Mannat to discuss a business deal with SRK’s associates.

According to reports, Sachin had earlier come to SRK with a business proposal and he was supposed to drop by to meet the actor’s consultants at Mannat. The Police said that some of the biggest names of the film world were present at Mannat, so they immediately went on a high alert. However, Sachin himself was unaware about the threat to his life until the police called him.

The good news is that the threats were found to be baseless and no attempts were made on Sachin Joshi’s life.

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