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We are all aware that Vijay is busy in wrapping up the shooting of his forthcoming project ‘Kaavalkaran’ which is directed by Siddique. A few days back it is reported to our viewers that the title which is touted to be ‘Kaavalkaran’ for a long time has been changed to ‘Kaaval Kadhal’ and it was announced by the film lead heroine Asin itself. But the reason for the sudden change of the title was not known.

Now we have found the reason behind the change of title. Much before, it is to be known that ‘Kaavalkaran’ was MGR’s ever green block buster film produced by Sathya Movies founded by R M Veerappan and it is its first production venture. So, after they came to known that Vijay is using their same title for his latest film, Sathya Movies wrote an objection letter to the producer council and opposed it. As per the complaint, the production council has passed the message to director Siddique and the title was changed soon.

It is note to mention that no body can use the same title without the permission of the producer of the original film.

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