Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii


Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii Starring:
Rahul Bose,Zain Khan

Music: Sulaiman Merchant,Salim Merchant
This one’s for Sachin and for Sachin fans. In the first place, it comes as a don’t-worry missive to Indian cricket’s superstar who seems to have lost his magical touch currently. After all his relentless failures with the bat, the film acts as a balm post the World Cup debacle. There’s no magic in your bat, Sachin; the magic is in you. So go out there and hit…that’s the message for our erstwhile Ton-dulkar, provided he sees it. And for his fans, the film works as a sweet, simple and heartwarming biopic of a young Indian who took the nation by storm with his stroke play and his tousled hair.

In an industry where entertainment for kids is almost non-existent, this Ken Ghosh production is a little sparkler. There are no bhashans about growing up right and no preachers telling the bachchas to follow rules. The film is a delightful story of a young orphan who is discovered by the Indian cricket coach and co-opted in the team, despite his tender age: he’s just thirteen and is willing to do anything for a pizza, burger and ice cream! The boy-hero is placed under the tutelage of Team India’s captain, Rahul (Dravid) Bose and ends up not only as a team winner, but the captain’s best buddy too. The child prodigy believes there’s magic in his bat and idolises Kapil paa-ji as his lucky talisman. Small wonder then, he isn’t intimidated by the Pakistani fast bowlers and scripts many a victory for a losing Indian team. But his charisma works off-crease too as he propounds his simple fundas about the importance of mummy-daddy and works as a friendly neighbourhood counsellor for our beleaguered captain. Crunch time? Kiddo loses his bat and it’s time to discover the magic within….

It’s fun time for kids, specially with the Indo-Pak matches thrown in between and with both Zain and Rahul getting touchy-feely in the emotional bits. They do manage to tug at your heartstrings when the bonding begins. Should we see this as the beginning of more children’s films?

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