Cheran, now a guitar exponent

Cheran has almost mastered playing a guitar. Reason- he will do the role of a guitar artiste in ‘Muran’, which will go to the floors on Friday. Besides Cheran, others playing lead roles in this film are Prasanna, Nikitha and Haripriya (of Kanakavel Kaakka fame).

‘Muran’ will be directed by Rajan Madhav and music will be composed by Sajan Madhav. Both are sons of late Malayalam music composer M Raveendran, who gave some of the evergreen songs of Mollywood.

“Ever since the project was finalised, Cheran had been regular to guitar classes and learnt the art well. He spent a lot of time playing the instrument so that there would be no uneasiness when he stands in front of camera”, sources say.

It is said that the film is an emotional drama, which would revolve between people whose characters are totally different from each other. “Hence the title ‘Muran’, which means contradiction”, sources add.

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