CDirector ast : Dileep, Bhavana and Ashish Vidyarthi
: Raj Babu
Music Director : Berni Ignatius
Producer : Mahe

Life for many is a game of chess. Plotting every move as if on a checkered board, they bring to life the same determination and thoughtful outlook.

Chess deals with the life of one such man, who has to deal with scheming opponents and their insidious moves.

Chess in a nutshell is a story of young man who is thrown into the deep end where sharks of the society swim with nonchalance.

Dileep, who is experimenting with both content and form, is very gung-ho about the prospects of Chess. It is a compact movie that has many interesting plots, he says.

He plays the lead role of Jayakrishnan, whose background is music and other fine arts. But suddenly he gets catapulted into the crule city life where there is little time for niceties. Jayakrishnan, in the cruel roll of fate’s dice, is pitted against heartless men in khakhis. Can he outwit those schemers who day in and day out deal with criminals? Or can the soft-spoken Jayakrishnan come up with some adroit moves to checkmate them? Well, chess provides to you answer for these conundrums.

Dileep plays the lead role of Jayakrishnan. Bhavana, who is increasingly becoming a consummate artiste, plays the heroine. She is a medical student in the movie.

Also in the cast are Salim Kumar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Bheeman Raghu, Vijayaraghavan, Baburaj.

Raj Babum who has worked as associate to several directors, makes his debut as a director. He says the strength of the movie is its script. It will be intelligent and inspiring.

Produced under the banner of Superstar Films, Chess will be released by Manjunath films.


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