Thommanum Makkalum

Producer:Lala Creations
Cast: Mammootty, Lal, Rajan P. Dev, Laya
Music: Alex Paul
Lyrics: Kaithapram
Cinematography: Sanjeev Shankar
Editing: Hariharaputran
Screenplay : Benny P Nayambalam

When you see a film from Lal Creations’ banner, you expect a certain kind of entertainment, a film with dollops of humour, good music and a simple storyline.

“Thommanum Makkallum” directed by youngster Shafi is no different. It has everything the audience expects.

The film is about the relationship of a father and his two sons, played by Rajan P. Dev, Mammotty and Lal respectively.

Thommun is a thief who has raised two orphaned kids, Shivan (Mammotty) and Sathyan (Lal). The story begins when they decide to mend their ways and lead a hardworking life. They migrate to a village and get involved in the lives of the local people.

The story moves on as they take on the feudal head of the village. There are the expected twists and turns and predictable misunderstandings between the lead actors before the climax.

The story seems to be taken from “Thenkasipattanam” directed by Rafi-Mecartin, one of the biggest grossers in Malayalam cinema history. But credit should be given to the director and writer Benny P. Nayarambalam for giving it a fresh feel and contemporary look.

There are hardly any dull moments. Scenes are handled deftly and the pace never slackens. The dialogues are a constant source of humour.

The characterisation is another plus point. The part of Shivan is etched to suit Mammotty’s image of a rough and tough guy. The star handles his comic scenes with aplomb.

It is the characterisation of Sathyan and Thomman that takes us by surprise.

In the film, Lal keeps humour flowing with his use of out-of-place English words and phrases and references to the classic “Chemmeen”.

Rajan P. Dev’s portrayal of Thomman is almost flawless. The actor had claimed it is the role of his lifetime and he does full justice to it.

Female leads Laya and Sindhu Menon have nothing much to do. We tend to feel they are there to fill the screen with glamour.

The music by Alex Paul adds to the overall appeal of the film. The song “Nerinazhak” penned by Kaithapram deserves special mention.

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