Director: Kanmani
Producer: Lokesh Dutt ,CV Srikanth
Cast: Sumanth, Charmme, Chandra Mohan, Brahmanandam, Ali, Venu Madhav, Dharmavarapu, MS Narayana, Rahul Dev, Raghubabu, Sivaji Raja, Ramaraju, Vinay Prasad, Surekha Vani, Balayya, Madhavi, Malladi Raghava, Raja Sridhar, Naini, YV Ratna Kumar
Music: Ramana Gogula
Lyrics: S Ashok Teja, Kandi Konda


After impressing as a boy-next-door in “Godavari”, Sumanth attempts a larger-than-life role in the Telugu film “Chinnodu” but without notable success.

It is not that Sumanth, nephew of Nagarjuna, lacks histrionic abilities. But his is a beaten-to-death role. The theme of a hero trying to win back the lost sympathy of his foster family is as old as the hills.img233/9574/chzd8.jpg

Charmee, of course, oozes glamour but her chirpiness does not make up for the poor etching of her character. She needs to look for meaty roles to stay in the reckoning.

Baddie Rahul Dev is menacing while Chandramohan as Sumanth’s father is adequate. The band of comedians, including Brahmanandam, Ali and Venu Madhav, evoke some laughs.

Director Kanmani, who showed promise in the psychological drama “Naa Oopiri”, proves unequal to the challenge of making a big, star-centred film.

Composer Ramana Gogula, who made a mark in “Laxmi”, doesn’t quite impress this time. Action director Kanal Kanan is the USP of this mindless ‘actioner’.

The story is about orphan Sumanth, brought up by a jailor’s family. He is jailed for killing the son of his foster family. He returns from jail but the family rejects him. He stays in a room and neighbour Charmee falls in love with him. Hisimg66/9728/untitled111fz1.jpg attempts to regain the faith of his family go in vain. Then he stakes his life to save the daughter of his foster family from the hands of baddies. Watch the film to know the rest!

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