Christian Brothers Review

Four stylish heroes who play with guns as if they are toys, match steps with their pretty arm candies at will, churn out rhyming dialogues without batting an eyelid and take on a dozen armed goons without sweating much.

Then, loads of family sentiments, twists and turns to thrill and song ā€˜nā€™ dance routines. Well, director Joshiy’s Christian Brothers have everything that one usually associates with mass a masala entertainer.

Christie (Mohanlal), Jojy (Dileep), Jessy (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy) and Stella (Kaniha) belong to the wealthy Palamattam Tharavadu. Their dad Capt. Varghese Mappilai (Sai Kumar) had pinned great hopes on his two sons, but both of them didn’t live up to his expectations.

Christie became a high profile police informer based in Mumbai, after some disturbing incidents that happened in his life. Jojy had gone to Italy to become a priest but opted out of it, after falling in love with Meenakshi (Kavya Madhavan), the daughter of the state home minister.

The issues start with the murder of Kochuthoma (Jagathy Sreekumar), an honest village officer, after he refuses to agree to allow some murky land deals. The bad brigade is led by Thampy (Vijayraghavan) and his sons, one of whom is an IPS officer (Biju Menon). Sometime later Christie comes to Kerala to save Meenakshi, who is kidnapped on her way back from London. Things get more intriguing from then on and new characters are introduced one after the other.

At almost three hours, Christian Brothers is tad too long but script writers Siby K Thomas and Udayakrishna have handled a complex theme with some panache. It is never easy to script a multi-starrer giving importance to every hero but they have done just that, quite the way they wrote the block buster hit Twenty 20.

Veteran director Joshiy has done a fine job in keeping the viewers glued on to the screen, as the heroes virtually go on a rampage. The storyline would remind you of some of the old Hindi or Tamil hits, where the plot is all about the antics of the hero and nothing else. Anil Nair’s visuals are good and Deepak Dev’s music goes in sync with the mood.

Mohanlal, who is perhaps playing a superhero after a while, has a role cut out perfectly for his fans. He looks handsome and impresses with his trendy mannerisms, dialogue delivery and action. If you love the superstar, here is a treat for you!

Dileep looks good, but he repeats most of his trademark comedy acts. Suresh Gopi is back with his ‘branded’ form, with all those fiery dialogues and guns, though he looks older and a bit tired. Sarath Kumar has perhaps the shortest role among the four heroes, but he makes his presence felt.

The heroines have nothing much to do, other than to look beautiful and support the heroes. Sai Kumar, Vijayaraghavan, Suresh Krishna, Biju Menon, Devan and Jagathy Sreekumar have done their job in a fine way. Salim Kumar and Harisree Asokan are okay in the comic department but Suraj Venjarammoodu hams it up in a big way.

Christian Brothers is a loud and high voltage thriller, for which you don’t have to use your brains much. It could have definitely been more enjoyable if it was shorter by some twenty minutes or so, but even in the current form it could make you smile as the end credits start rolling. It’s absolutely a ‘no logic-popcorn fun’ and perhaps not meant to be taken too seriously. Enjoy!

Movie:Christian Brothers
Music:Deepak Dev
Cast:Mohanlal,Suresh Gopi, Dileep, Sarathkumar, Kavya,Kaniha, Lakshmi Rai

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