Danush speaks about the gossip for the first time!

For the very first time, Danush has given his comment about the gossip that came up linking him with Shruthi!

When the gossip came out, Shruthi and the team of 3 was busy denying that as a rumour while Danush was maintaining a pin drop silence. Shruthi went one step ahead and filed a case against a magazine in a court.

Danush, while speaking about the gossip, said “In no way that gossip affected me. I know what kind of person I am, hence I never bother about these kind of silly things. Life has ups and downs and the thrill is to swim along with it.”

Danush continued “I started my career with a person owning only debts, in just few years time I married the daughter of super star, now I am one of the leading hero in Kollywood. I never thought I will shine as a singer and that has come in my life… so its all a game in the life… I never care about the success and worry about the failures…. Today I am a hero… tomorrow only should answer what I will be by that day!!!”

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