Language:        TAMIL

Genre:     Action, Drama
Director:     Perarasu
Producer:     A M Rathnam
Cast:     Vijayakanth, Lakshmi Roy, Vijaykumar, Manivannan
Music:     Srikanth Deva
Lyrics:     Perarasu

The masses never get disappointed with Vijayakanth’s formula films even though they offer nothing new. For, it gives them what they want. Dharmapuri also does. It’s a patented Vijayakanth film. A do-gooder, he sets things right single-handedly in his native village which suffers humiliation at the hands of selfish and corrupt influential men.

The movie has come at a right time when his political career is on an upward swing. What more Captains utter punch dialogues which will certainly find favor with his fans and party cadre.

Perarasu , having earned a name for himself with his racy screenplay and catchy storyline, does what is expected of him. Besides penning the lyrics, the director had sung a song himself and appears in a cameo.

Vijayakanth looks fresh and is bubbling with enthusiasm. And it is not just in stunts, but he has also tried his hand at dancing.

Lakshmi Rai plays the typical heroine of a Vijayakanth films. She runs around romancing Vijayakanth and just stays away from her for he is on a different mission. M S Baskar plays the comedian part well. Coming all through the film, playing Vijayakanth’s friend, he has given an excellent performance. A gang of villains including Manivannan, Raj Kapoor, Bobby and Rajasekhar Reddy goes around challenging Vijayakanth only to surrender to him meekly in the end.

The movie is set in a remote village in Dharmapuri, known for making dolls from clay. It is the livelihood of people in the village. Unfortunately a Mokkaiyan (Manivannan) along with his sons Silandhy Karuppu (Raj Kapoor) and Peruchali Karuppu (Bobby) grab the land and give it on a lease for a local MLA Konda Mookan.img480/8573/dharmapuri2010061xa4.jpg

Humiliated and agitated, the villagers decide to put an end to their shenanigans. They set in search of Sivaraman, son of Meiyappan (Vijayakumar), who once strived for the welfare of the village and later forced to flee the village due to Mokkaiyan’s family.

They finally spot Sivaraman (Vijayakanth) in Rameshwaram, where he works tirelessly for the uplift of the people. They convince him to return to the village and teach Mokkaiyan and his family a lesson.

Enters Sivaraman on a mission. He comes across Valarmathy (Lakshmi Rai) and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, he also embarks on a mission to teach the baddies a lesson. Did he achieve success forms the crux.

The movie has songs boasting Vijayakanth and hard-hitting dialogues at several sequences which revolve around the current political situation in the State. Vijayakanth fits in the mass-hero role quite well. He is at his best mouthing those dialogues which are targeted at the politicians.

The movie has a huge star cast including Peeli Sivam, Anu Mohan, Rajesh and Mano Bala among others.

Racy musical score by Srikanth Deva adds pep to the movie. But at many places the background score is jarring.

Perarasu has dished out a movie that would certainly appease front-benchers. A commercial pot-boiler, the movie will be lapped by Vijayakanth’s fans. Sure to make it big in rural centres, the movie also has enough stunt sequences for action-lovers.

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