Banner:    Sri Venkateswara Films
Cast:    Vishnu, Genelia
Direction:    Sreenu Vytla
Production:    Satyanarayana Reddy



Srinivasa (Vishnu) is a typical wayward guy with a heart of gold. He cons only those who have conned others, to mete justice. His father (Chandramohan) is tired of bailing him out of cases. Just then Vishnu is picked up by Shankar Goud (Srihari), a local goon to work for him as an accountant. None of the gang members has the brains of Vishnu and soon he rises up in the ranks. After naukri he gets the chokri too. Pooja (Genelia), Srihari’s sister and life, falls in love with Vishnu. Their secret rendezvous right under the nose of Srihari and getting Srihari’s approval for their marriage is the movie is all about. How that happens…watch the movie to know.

Dhee is a fun movie all the way. The story is a typical one that people might have seen many numbers of times, but the treatment is very different. The director really gives it a crisp touch. Though the naming of the movie “Dhee” is a bit out of the sync with the story, nevertheless it’s an entertaining movie.img502/66/janeeliyaue7.jpg

The comedy in the movie is fresh and the intertwining of ideas is done perfectly. Sunil and Brahmanadam keep the audience laughing all the while. Especially Brahmanadam getting dragged into controversy by Vishnu every time and Brahmanadam trying to run away from it by saying “nannu involve cheiadduandi” is simply too good. Vishnu is shown as a smart guy. And the director has really taken the pains to show him as a smart person.

Music by Chakri is also cool. Genelia looks fresh as a dew drop in a winter morning. Vishnu acts well. Srihari is perfect as a rough guy.

The movie moves well till the first half and drags a bitimg297/9509/dheere14043cwx9.jpg towards the end of the second half. But still nothing should be taken away from the makers of the movie. They have given the audience a perfectly enjoyable movie this summer. And the movie has ingredients that will be liked by all sections of the crowd ? masses as well as classes.

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