Did Katrina play mentor to Anusha during JTHJ?


Katrina Kaif is glad to be making her first ever big screen appearance with Shahrukh Khan in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. While the actor is many years senior to her, there is also a relative newcomer in the form of Anushka Sharma who is playing a leading part in the Yash Chopra directed affair.

Since Katrina is far more senior, did she ever feel like coming forward and play mentor to Anushka so that she could ease the nerves for her? After all, both of them were pretty much sailing the same boat in presence of a legend like Yash Chopra and ‘Baadshah’ Khan.

“Anushka and I hardly have any scenes together so we seldom bumped into each other during the film’s making. As for me playing her mentor then come on, she was perhaps better off than me. After all, she has already worked with Shahrukh and Aditya Chopra”, smiles Katrina.

Well, given the fact that you still have been enjoying the best success rate amongst Bollywood heroines today, guess this statement was just being modesty personified after all.

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