Director Vinayan under fire!

Vinayan is once again on the hot seat. Ruben Gomez producer of his latest flick Yakshiyum Njanum has alleged that the director had asked him to use “muscle power” against FEFCA General Secretary B Unnikrishnan!

It is a very serious allegation made by Gomez, who said at a press conference in Kochi : “ “Vinayan had promised to complete the film at Rs 1.5 crores. But I had to spend more than Rs 3 crores for the film to release. Till the date the film has caused me a loss of Rs 1.37 crores. ”

Within minutes Vinayan countered it by holding another press meet and said: “I did not ask Ruben to assault B.Unnikrishnan. It was Ruben who made a fuss in the sets saying that he wants to kill Unnikrishnan. Ruben has got the dates of a superstar. That’s why now he has come up with these new accusations.”

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