Dog unites Shahid with mom !

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, who has been staying away from his estranged mother Neelima for many years, has patched up with her. The reason is Shahid’s dog , Kaizer, sounds very weird! Isn’t it? It is reported that the actor was not even on talking terms with his mother. Recently, when Shahid had to leave for Scotland to shoot for his father Pankaj Kapoor’s film Mausam, he had asked his mother to look after his pet, Kaizer. Now, the pooch is living with Neelima and she is taking good care of it.

Well, who else other than a mother can take care of her son’s pet? Confirming the news, one of Neelima’s friends said that since the last fifteen days, the doting mother has been taking care of the dog. In fact, Shahid calls up his mother twice daily to instruct her about the dog and its food habit. However, Neelima says, “I can take care of Kaizer better than Shahid and he knows it very well.”

Apparently, the whole family is doing babysitting for the dog in absence of Neelima as Shahid loves his dog very much. Well, it may be because of a dog or anything else, but the best thing is that the celebrity mother and son duo has patched up!

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