Dracula 2012 3D Movie Review


Movie :Dracula 2012 3D
Director : Vinayan
Cast : Sudheer, Aryan, Priya Nair

Poor Bram Stoker! He certainly had no inkling that his horror novel ‘Dracula’, written in 1897, would be made into this kind of a joke, in Malayalam by director Vinayan. If he had that info, the Irish novelist would have just burnt his manuscript, before the world saw it.

Roy (Sudheer) and Lucy (Priya) go on a honeymoon trip to Transylvania in Romania, where the original Dracula lived. After some unfortunate incidents, ‘Royichan’ becomes Dracula. He comes back as Prof. William D’Souza, living in a dark bungalow, where he meets Raju (Aryan) and some voluptuous sirens eager to display their curves.

Soon, the escapades of Dracula begin and there is everything from cemeteries, black magic, psychiatrist and all the usual recipes meant for such themes. There is an effort even to model some portions of the climax, like the yesteryear gem, ‘Manichithrathazhu’. Needless to say, it all ends up as a horrible mess.

Now, it’s a daunting task to understand what was the director trying to say here. It’s not even scary and this Dracula looks more like a joker, with his funny lines and mannerisms. There is nothing like even a remotely decent storyline or a script here. The dialogues are trite, the performances are atrocious and the whole film is unintentionally comical.

The film has been presented in 3D but the effects look shoddy and mostly amateurish. Sexy women in skimpy outfits that reveal much more than what they conceal are shown quite often perhaps to make the viewers attracted. Actors like Thilakan, Nasser and Prabhu appear in badly written roles with the worst performances in their careers.

This film is nothing less than an insult to the viewer. Those who are out at the theatres for titillation will also be disappointed with the tasteless visuals.

Dracula 2012 3D is a sheer waste of time and money. All we feel by the time this mishap ends is anger towards those involved in its making and the memories of watching this crap will remain in your mind for sure, like an irritating dream. If the senior Dracula slept in a coffin, this badly shaped junior should find its place in some dustbin!

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