Sillunnu Oru Santhippu Movie Review

Sillunnu Oru Santhippu film reviewMovie : Sillunnu Oru Santhippu
Director : Ravi Lallin
Music : FS Faizal
Cast : Vimal, Oviya, Dipa Shah

Trying too hard to be cool, this romantic comedy by Ravi Lallin is a rare breed of film that gets almost nothing right – Starting from a script that is predictable, direction that is surprisingly conspicuous by its absence, technically shoddy and acting that is so amateurish, you want to admit them all into some acting-school.

The major problem with the film is its hero Vimal who sleepwalks throughout with hardly any energy or interest in the proceedings. Story- Set in Ooty, Ashok (Vimal) a school boy is in madly in love with Geeta (Oviya) a girl in his class. But their puppy love comes to an end when the girl’s parents shift to Chennai.

Cut to present- Our hero who is now in US comes back and falls in love with a demure girl (Dipa Shah). Everything is hunky dory as the lovers sing duets and parents support them till she comes to know that Ashok had an affair in school on their engagement day and walks out of his life!! It takes no genius to predict exactly what’s going to happen next, as the lovers unite in the end.

Wonder why the director had to include double-meaning dialogues and unwanted lady characters in the film who there just to show cleavage. To add insult to injury you have few comic scenes featuring Mano Bala (in a double role!!) sprinkled throughout the narrative.

Oviya tries hard to look good with heavy make-up but can’t seem to do much in the acting department. Dipa Shah is passable. Songs by FS Faizal are too loud and on the whole, this heartless love story has nothing new to offer.

Verdict: Avoid

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