The theme of a don who lives in a den in an island and forms a group to train kidnapped children into criminals for doing anti-social elements for person benefits is already told in the yesteryear super hit film ‘Rakshasudu’.

‘Drona’ is a rehash of the story with bit of changes here and there. Starring Nithin, Priyamani in the lead cast, J Karuna Kumar has debuted as director with this film, presented by D Saraswathi and produced by DS Rao on Saikrishna Productions banner.


Drona (Nithin) is the only son of Mukhesh Rushi and Sita. Drona’s father Mukesh Rushi is an honest and dedicated Police officer. Drona likes his mother Meenakshi (Sita) so much and love her as his own life. When he was a child Drona steals his father’s revolver to scare his friends. On knowing this his father scolds him, consequently Drona leaves his home and gets lost.

After 10 years, he comes back to his parents with the name Chandu. A Neighboring girl Indu (Priyamani) likes Drona/Chandu a lot. On a fateful day, she finds out that Chandu is none other than the long lost boy, Drona.

What are the consequences that made Drona to comeback after 10 years and get introduce in a disguise? Why was Sarkar group searching for Drona? To get the answers watch ‘Drona’ on screen.

Performance of Cast

Nithin looks determined on screen to taste success and has dedicated himself to come out with a slick performance. He has succeeded in his attempt but the long known vintage plot drags his meticulous trails back and doesn’t reap what is expected out of it.

More than Priyamani, her body acts in the film with abundant glamour in almost all scenes. She has been roped in to give the oomph factor and it does bolster the movie.

Mukhesh Rushi and Sita as Nithins parents gave a good performance. *Kelly Dodge, debuted as a villain with ‘Don’ (Nagarjuna starrer), he has appreciably portrayed the role of Sarkar. Dr.SivaPrasad also did well as Mama. Raghubabu, Sunil, Venu Madhav as Nalla Balu, have done well within the scope of their roles. Bob Anthony as Dange has displayed some good acting skills this time around.

Work of the Crew

Anup Rubens, the music director of ‘Jai’ scores in the background music but it’s a disappointing act when it comes to the songs. The numbers are badly orchestrated and are a major con for the film.

Photography by Bhupathi is beautiful and riveting. Art director Prakash’s work is laudable with the construction of the Den set and for the songs. Fights composed by Selvam Prakash have a touch of realism and is neat. Editing by Gautham Raju is average. Overall, the making value of SaiKrishna Productions is good.

Director’s Portrayal

The director has earlier worked in the direction division of SS Rajamouli and debuted as a director with ‘Drona’. The way he rendered the story line is good but the story is a stale and creates a feel of Deja vu. The director relied more on action and glamour rather than the script which is the heart for any movie. His efforts should be appreciated but it’s a big question if it will bring the audience to cinema halls to make the movie a hit.


‘Rakshasudu’ starring Chiranjeevi and Radha was a super hit film of those times and ‘Drona’, the new comer in the same line is disappointing. The storyline has not been properly altered to suit present society and the director has missed to make changes in it.

Flicking a story from the past is not new nowadays, but a sensible filmmaker will surely make his director’s touch felt in the script which will make it a big hit if rehashed. But, the makers of ‘Drona’ didn’t do it and this negligence won’t go unnoticed which will cost them bitterly. Karuna Kumar should rework his skills and make a better comeback next time.

For Nithin, alas! What can we say expect it’s a sad disappointment for the actor who looked forward eagerly to a hit. Let’s hope he gets lucky next time.

Banner:    Sai Krishna Productions
Cast:    Nitin, Priyamani, Killidarj, Mukesh Rushi,
Dr.Sivaprasad, Baba Anthony, Rakhi Sawanth, Ali, Sunil, M.S.Narayana,
Raghu Babu, Master Sai Krishna, Sravan, Nandhkishore, Sivannarayana,
Dhwarakesh, Seetha, Devisri
Direction:    J.Karun Kumar
Production:    D.S.Rao
Music:    Anoop Roobens

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