Ellam Avan Seyal

No wonder director Shaji Kailash is revered as a successful director in Malayalam film industry. The Tamil version of his ‘Chintamani Kola Case’ starring RK is an engrossing tale which speaks about loopholes in Indian Legal System. The movie is an engrossing tale narrated in a racy phase, which makes the audience glued to their seats.

Shajin Kailash and scriptwriter A K Sajan have penned the script seemingly inspired by Robinhood kind of films like ‘Anniyan’ and ‘Mudhalvan’.

A do-gooder who fights in his own style against the evils in the society and wins justice for the less privileged people is the protagonist.

The movie is about a successful criminal lawyer, who comes to the rescue of the criminals with his advocacy skills, but exterminates them the next day so as to upkeep the so-called ”Cosmic Law”. RK, who hitherto played cameo in a couple of Tamils films, has ventured to produce and enact the lead role. He needs a pat for choosing the right script. He neither gives space to romance nor pour out needless emotions. He seems to have done what his director expected him to do.

Nasser, Ashish Vidyarthy excels in their roles. They seem to have got under the skin of their character. Vadivelu in the company of Lakshmanan and Alwah Vasu evokes laughter. Playing a timid politician, who is trashed by everyone, Vadivelu is right there to tickle the funny bone in you. Debutant Bama plays a conservative and homely student well. Her expressive eyes and charming looks are her assets.

The rest including Raghuvaran, Visu, Sukanya, Manoj K Jayan play well.

The story is about a criminal lawyer L Krishnan (RK) who rescues criminals with his advocacy skills and kills them the next day. The murder mystery remains unresolved by the police. LK takes up the task of saving a group of young girls (medical students), who calls them Mirchi girls, accused of the murder of fellow student Chinthamani (Bama).  A conservative Chintamani is ragged by them often in college.

Does LK succeeds in that, does he kill the girls like he kills the other criminals after rescuing them from the long arm of the law or does he discover something else regarding the same murder is what the rest of the story is all about.

Vidyasagar’s music is average while the background score is loud at many places. On the whole, it is an engrossing tale which is sure to delight the audience.

Banner:    R.K. Arts
Cast:    RK, Bhama, Vadivelu, Raghuvaran, Nasser, Manivannan, Visu,
Vijayakumar, Roja, Suganya, Manoj K Jayan, Sonia, Manasi, Vadivelu, Sangili Murugan, Thalai vaasal Vijay, Ashish Vidyarthy
Direction:    Shaji Kailash
Production:    Karumari Kandasamy, J. Dhurai
Music:    Vidyasagar

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