Ethan movie review

Movie : Ethan
Director : LK Suresh
Producer : Sherali Films
Music : Taj Noor
Cast : Vimal, Sanusha, Singampuli, Mayilsamy

The hero’s ruffian image, along with a solid script and neat packaging worked big time for Vimal in Kalavani. Sadly all these basic elements are lacking in his new film Ethan. It is directed by LK Suresh and a remake of his Telugu Kalavar King (2010) which had Nikhil and Swetha Prasad in the lead.

The first half of the film moves at a bullock cart pace while the second half drags at snail pace. The screenplay dips and is monotonous making it a tedious watch. The only silver lining is Vimal who tries to carry the entire film on his shoulders, helped some wisecracks and his mimicry act which is a riot.

Our hero Sathyamurthy (Vimal) is from small town Kumbakonam. Satya is basically a con, as he borrows money from hardened moneylenders by sweet talking them and does business which fails. He is only son of a disciplined school teacher DK (Jayaprakash) who has never borrowed a single pie in his life and a naïve mother (Pragathi). Most of the time Satya is running around the town looking for cover from his angry creditors.

The smooth talking Satya meets up with a girl Selvi (Sanusha), who is trying to escape from her cousin, a thug who wants to marry her by force. Due to his over smartness Satya and Selvi become the hunted from the villain. This leads to the twist as Satya tries to change a new leaf but is caught by the unfolding situations.

Vimal, tries his best to overcome the inherent weaknesses in the script, as he is able to get the audience sympathy. He is the one bright spot in the film. Sanusha has to smile, look perplexed and then cry. Jayaprakash as the father does his routine role effectively while Singampuli’s comedy makes you smile. Taj Noor’s music is let down, not even one hummable number.

On the whole, Ethan does not work. The film is laboured, slow and one gets the feeling it is outdated.

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