G. V Prakash is rocking!

AL Vijay is working hard on his next film Thandavam with Vikram and Anushka. The director is currently in Los Angeles but that has not stopped him from working on the songs with GV Prakash.

He is very busy composing music for half a dozen films. Recently he composed a tune for his A L Vijay film Thandavam with director sitting in Los Angeles.

GV Prakash does the composing and plays the tunes for his director and Vijay then makes his suggestions or voices his approval.

G. V Prakash said :ā€™Sitting with the director and composing tunes is still the best way. I love it but at times you have to use technology to save time.ā€™

The techno – savvy duo have apparently made their long distance relationship work as the songs are coming along nicely especially the Mayyal Kuyyal song which is expected to be the star of the album.

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