Ganesh plays romantic hero in ‘Pani Thuli’

Tamil film actor Ganesh Venkatraman will next be seen playing a romantic hero in the upcoming flick ‘Pani Thuli’. The actor who has flirted with a number of genres in the past couple of films goes the traditional film hero way in the upcoming film. According to reports in the media, Ganesh Venkatraman will be shown sharing a romantic relationship with not only one but two leading ladies Shobhana and Kalpana Pandit in ‘Pani Thuli’.

This is the first time that Ganesh Venkatraman will be playing a love-stricken hero in a Tamil film. The actor has also worked in a number of Telugu and Malayalam flicks. After ‘Pani Thuli’, Ganesh Venkatraman is all set to begin work on his first Hindi film titled ‘Kandahar’, which will see the actor in the role of a commando. Ask him about how excited he is about working in a Hindi film and prompt comes the reply that his first love will always remain Tamil cinema.

The question is whether the audience will accept Ganesh Venkatraman in the lover boy image or not. The actor is very upbeat about his upcoming film saying that the best part is the opportunity that he got to romance not one but two ladies! We too, think that with looks like that of Ganesh’s, the audience will not be disappointed.

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