Genelia and her smile

CHENNAI: Genelia is perky, bubbly and smiles all the time. But what exactly is making her look so bubbly and smiling all the time? She says that she can’t stop smiling because of the love that is showered on her by her fans.

Genelia claims that she is very popular among her fans because she always greets them with her trademark bubbly smile! In fact, most of her fans want to see her smile rather than take her autograph! The actress had to go to the Coimbatore airport recently to return to Chennai after the shooting of her Tamil film got canceled.

As soon as she entered the airport, a horde of fans surrounded her. Just when she prepared herself to sign autographs for the crowd, the fans surprised her by telling her that they just wanted her to flash her smile.

The actress is mighty happy.

It was through her Twitter account that Genelia D’Souza shared this incident with the world.

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