goCast: Nisha Kothari, Rajpal Yadav, Kay Kay Menon, Ravi Kale, Gautam Gupta (Go), Govind Namdeo, Shereveer Vakil
Producer: Ram Gopal Varma
Director: Manish Srivastav
Music: Prasana Shekhar, Sneha Khanwlkar, Amar Mohile, Dj Aqeel
Cinematography: Jalees Oberoi
Editor: Manish More
Action: P Kumar



Ramgopal Varma may have seen the biggest of flops, but you could never raise a finger at him for making an outdated, ghisa-pita, hackneyed, 1980s masala film. But with Go, directed by Manish Srivastava, RGV hits an all-time low.

Really, what were the director and his team of writers thinking when they made this apology of a film? Most importantly, how did RGV okay this script? Wait. is there a script in the first place?

You’re numb and speechless as you come out of the screening of Go Was it real? Or was it a bad dream? Nothing works, except, to an extent, new-find Gautam.

Come to think of it, Go looks like it has been created by an amateur, who was suddenly given a camera and told to shoot whatever he sees in his lens. The plot line is so outdated and the screenplay so directionless, it makes you sad that the once innovative RGV has fallen to such lows.

In a nutshell, here’s another turkey from Factory!

Lovers Abhay (Gautam) and Vasu (Nisha Kothari) elope from their homes in Mumbai, not realizing that they will run into a whole bunch of colorful characters, including a rogue cop (Kay Kay Menon), a mean killer (Sherveergo Vakil), a crafty conman (Rajpal Yadav) and a chief minister (Ravi Kale), who kills his own deputy (Govind Namdeo).

The writers of this film deserve the Razzie for coming up with this tacky script. The idea must’ve been, let’s pack 4 songs, 10 fights, 4 chases, 5 hot scenes, 5 confrontations and of course, 2 people on the run, 1 corrupt minister, 1 dishonest cop, 1 henchman and 2 sidekicks. Picture tayyar hain, the writers must’ve screamed!

Although the songs seem forced, the sound of a few numbers stays in your memory. Cinematography lacks finesse.

Gautam sparkles in a couple of scenes. His expressions are right, his dialogue delivery is fine, his stunts are first-rate and he has a well-toned physique to his credit. Nisha Kothari is terrible. And what did Kay Kay see in this role? As for Rajpal Yadav, why has he hammed so much? Ravi Kale, Govind Namdeo and Sherveer Vakil display one set of expressions all through.

On the whole, Go is a bad product. As simple as that!

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