Guru En Aalu

If laughter is the best medicine, then try out Guru En Aalu, which is good in parts. It has a few sparkling moments, though at times it is downright silly. The laugh- spinning line-up includes Madhavan, Vivek, M.S Bhaskar, Abbas, Mayil Sami and others.

It’s remake of 1997, Aziz Mirza’s Shah Rukh Khan film Yes Boss, but nowhere near the original which was technically superior with super hit songs and locales. The situation is humorous; there are plenty of funny and farcical moments to keep us entertained, but the climax is too long.

Guru (Madhavan) is a small time guy and personal assistant to his boss Krishna (Abbas) who runs his wealthy wife Sheela’s family owned advertising agency. Guru is a typical middle class guy who dreams of owning his own agency someday. For that he is willing to do anything for his womanising boss, who throws crumbs at him. Guru feels that his big ticket to wealth lies in playing ‘Yes Boss’ to Krishna as he tries to maneuver a romance between his boss and the beautiful new super model Seema (Mamta Mohandas)

But before his dreams can be fulfilled, Guru must listen to the call of his heart, as he falls like a ton of bricks for Seema. Now he has to cook up plans to save her from his boss, as things get more complicated when his love is reciprocated. Then it is no more ‘Yes Boss’ for Guru as he decides to take on his scheming and cunning boss on his own.

The ironical part is that in Azhagappan (Vivek) a fake yoga teacher, Guru has a sidekick or yes man of his own and he takes delight in ordering him around for all his misadventures with his boss! All said and seen humour especially Vivek dressing up as an aunty brings the house down. He is a scream as he imitates Shriya Saran to Saroja Devi style of acting and parodies old Tamil films and is wooed by M.S Bhaskar!

Madhavan is an absolute delight and his scenes with Vivek are whacky, Mamta is just adequate, though she lacks the screen presence of Juhi in the original. Abbas is ok for the role. On the downside, Sreekanth Deva’s music is disappointing and the production values are tacky. Outrageous comedy of Vivek is the films biggest calling card, otherwise it is just a routine film.

Banner:    KRG Movies International
Cast:    Madhavan, Mamta Mohandas, Abbas,
Brinda Parekh, Vivek,
M S Bhaskar, Manobala, Mayilusamy,
Sona, Renuka, Aarthi, Poovilangu Mohan
Direction:    Selva
Production:    KRG
Music:    Srikanth Deva

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